Waterstone Duo

Hannah and Jack Waterstone are professional musicians offering quality musical services in the Greater Detroit including: music therapy and sing-alongs for seniors’ residents, live music performance and accompaniment, piano and saxophone lessons, and piano tuning. Email us at¬†hwaterstone@yahoo.com or jackwaterstone@gmail.com or phone us at 248-967-1015 or248-890-8746.

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  • Music Therapy for seniors’ residence, AS spectrum patients and other populations.

Considering Hanna’s 20 years of experience providing quality, entertaining programs for the elderly and disabled populations, it’s no surprise that staff always reports how residents greatly enjoy, participate in, and benefit from Hannah and Jack’s programs.

Hannah and Jack
e Hannah and Jack

Live Music with the Waterstone Duo

Jack and Hannah are the Waterstone Duo… a piano-sax team that will get your hands clapping and your feet tapping to all your favorite tunes and pieces. The Waterstone Duo add lively, fun atmosphere to any event.

Piano Performance and Accompaniment by Hannah

Hannah also plays solo at any event, provides ambient music for restaurants, performs at childrens’ parties, and provides accompaniment for vocalists and choral ensembles. Her profesionalism and panache make her the right choice for any occasion.

Piano Tuning by Jack

Jack has over 40 years’ experience tuning pianos with 100s of satisfied customers. It takes a yearly tuning to keep a piano in tune.

Private Piano and Saxophone Lessons


Discover the joy and satisfaction of developing your musical talent with private lessons from Hannah or Jack.

Contact Waterstone Music Services:

Emails: hwaterstone@yahoo.com and jackwaterstone@gmail.com

Phone: 248-967-1015 or 248-890-8746

Enjoy the sounds of the Waterstone Duo! Click on one of the tracks below to listen.